Mom, Read My Blog.

First things first, I would like to explain to you how dumb Mother’s Day is…

If you’re only appreciated this Sunday, then you should have put me up for adoption a long time ago. TO EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS YOU ARE A PATHETIC HUMAN BEING. So, this year I post early. c:

No coffee and scent burners.

Much to your surprise, there is no four pack of mocha frappuccino coffee drinks from Starbucks. I have substituted it for maturity. I can no longer love through cold caffeinated beverages. No, I can only love with words because they’re starting to make sense.


“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”

-Milton Berle

Who are we to say our moms aren’t good enough? Who are we to talk to our mothers the way we do? We’re a generation that’s doing incredible things, but the way I see it, the way we treat our parents has gotten so far off from God’s Direction.

“If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness.”

-Proverbs 20:20

Are you feeling a little sour this year?

So am I. I write this because I’m a mess up. I tell my mom almost daily that I can’t wait until I move out. Think about Mom next time we throw that line out. That hurts. However, I will admit, I really cannot wait until I move out. Even more than that, I can’t wait until you walk into my home. I can’t wait until I make you dinner. I can’t wait until I pick up the plate, that you ate from, off the table. I can’t wait until I wash the cup, that you drank out of, with my own two hands. I’ve gotten so far off from the perspective that I’m suppose to serve you, that when I say “Hi” when I walk in the door it seems like enough.

Serve your mom this year.

I’m certainly a butthole sometimes, but Wow, you keep on going. I’m not saying I’m going to serve you this Sunday. I’m saying I’m going to serve you tomorrow too.

I’m sorry I’m not using the funny language people are telling you about. It wasn’t about that.



My Favorite Color is Tie Dye

When a clown loses his color he is only a mime. He’s trapped in lack of something vibrant, engrossed in the idea of only seeing black and white, never shades of the two. No red, no green, no yellow, purple, nor blue.

“What a world! What a life! I’m in love!” – Frank Sinatra

We have every color in the palm of our hands if we want them. When you wake up do you, or do you not dress in juxtaposition of how you feel or who you want to be? If you are sad do you, or do you not wear dark colors such as gray or black? When you are happy do you, or do you not want to wear something a little more lively such as yellow or red?

Researchers at the University of Essex have discovered that colors affect our memory, mental agility, reaction times, and our physical strength.


  • Volunteers for the research, who were shown sunny shades, scored up to 25% higher in tests of mental agility than those who were exposed to dull, dreary shades of gray.
  • When volunteers were shown brighter colors, their hand-eye coordination increased 20% and physical strength by 9%.
  • The scientists also found that vibrant reds increased confidence and lifted depression, while intense shades of blue actually made the participants feel calmer.

Is science not good enough for you? Me either. Wake up tomorrow and put on something bright and colorful. Then try it for another month, and search yourself to disclose if you have felt better physically and emotionally.

However, the color on our skin has proven itself to be useless if it is unrecognizable. Of course, I’m speaking on a periodic metaphor, but this is all revealing the topic to hold validity in itself if you can look past polysyndetons and the walls that block off thoughts from entering within your innermost processes.

Media broadcasting is revealed to you the idea that everything in this world is white and gray. The world is corrupt and is heading towards the end.

Here’s what I’ve realized about this world: success is our perception; therefore I want to see green so I’m looking at every bit of life that grows in the spring when I walk by. I want to see blue so when there’s a clear sky I’m looking up. I want to see red so when I see roses I will most definitely stop to smell them. I want to see love so I go to church and I see families that have a legitimate impulse to admire each other. I want to see a generation that saves the planet so I turn on Disney Channel and see those kids my age that talk about how they used their ability to draw to show homeless people how there is hope.

Every color is before you so open your eyes.


The City of Townsville…

“People are too quick to pass judgement. Your ignorance is offensive. You place too much value on appearances. Oh, and you get stuck between our big pointy toes.”

– The monsters migrating from Monster Island to Townsville
To have unjaded peace you must invest in an unerring love fortified by forbearance of mankind aside from the prejudices you have sustained through the misunderstanding of the word different.
Different – To be unlike in nature, form, or quality. 
The immigrants who had emigrated to Townsville were quickly ridiculed for their condition in which they were… Well, they were monsters. Many monsters have been known to be: mean, conniving, violent, unfriendly, and appalling. Due to this, the people of Townsville demanded that these monsters be relocated back to their island. However, the settlers didn’t feel any contrasting emotion toward the people of Townsville. They felt the likelihood of living in harmony with Homo sapiens was improbable; thus, the two groups resulted to violent riots and discrimination 
The things that went wrong in this situation:
1. These monsters were stereotyped.
We meet people everyday who are just a little weird, but I look towards scripture to answer questions I cannot answer myself. John 7:24 says, “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” So, if the word of God is not enough to persuade you, allow me to give you this. When we begin to stereotype we release the three possible prejudicial effects of stereotyping:
  • Justification of ill-founded prejudices or ignorance.
  • Unwillingness to rethink one’s attitudes and behavior towards stereotyped groups.
  • Preventing some people of stereotyped groups from entering or succeeding in activities or fields.
In other words, if we were to tie all three points into one we would translate the information to segregation. We cannot have unjaded peace without amalgamating all of the world so that segregation will not hinder us from singing in harmony.
2. The people could not accept different.
If you would allow yourself to be only yourself what would you wear? Would it be different from what you are wearing now? Due to subcultural trends we have allowed ourselves to become part of a social group in which many talk the same, act the same, and of course dress the same. Although, there are the few who stand strong because they want to be different. I have realized there is no existence of bad people but only good people who do bad things. 
Example: Think about the people who have done the worst things on this planet. They did a lot of bad things. They probably killed a lot of good people. However, if you can allow yourself to realize that God loved even the most sinister then you will begin to discern that different people are not bad. They are good and just sometimes do bad things. 
3. The two classes of human and monster could not handle the maturity of smoothly disarming the conflict.
Most would say drama is inevitable; however, if you understand how to manage situations of anger, then you know that the best way to rectify dissension is through one-on-one conversation.
The few things you should be prepared to ask your adversary:
  • What is it that you and I are disagreeing upon? (90% of the squabbles you have with people will be remedied once you ask this question because you will soon discover that no one individual had a disagreeing point. There was just a lack of communication.)
  • How can we sort out this situation to come to a consensus? (Discuss what can be done to come to a complete agreement. Never compromise. Be pleased with what you have accomplished at the end of the conversation.)
  • Why does a lizards tail still move when dismembered from its body? (Don’t end your conversation with just talking about the clash in which you were having. End things on a good note. Your goal is to be a peace maker.)

“People! Monsters! We must be steadfast and strong, for we are about to embark upon a new era! Let us make Townsville a beacon of brotherhood and love – calling to all the earth: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe fire.’ Let us make Townsville a lesson in tolerance and acceptance, and demonstrate to everyone that people and monsters, despite their differences, can live peacefully as friends, as brothers, as one”

– Blossom, the leader of the Powerpuff Girls 

I’m not a common white girl 

What makes me blog worthy?

To expound on theory of everlasting tranquility, happiness, and love is far more palpable by man if the gospel is in practice of full understanding; Nonetheless, when brought prospect with the underlying truth of no lies where the legitimacy of creations from a lonely mind still reign..

Accept them.

I’ve been taught that if you’re not in a period of growth you are in a period of decay. I constantly put myself in position to learn, and although I am young, learn from me. Over time, if you push yourself to continue to read, you will inherit irreplaceable values that will grant you perpetual positivity. To grasp onto a subject like this makes every negative situation into a positive circumstance. There’s no such thing as bad if you exclaim to your cognitive brain it is fictitious.

For example: the grass is always greener on the other side, but both sides can be equally green if you water them.

There are a few things you will never receive on this blog:

  • Paragraphs upon paragraphs about the peppermint mocha latte I had this morning
  • My hopes and dreams
  • Woe is me, I still have no spouse
  • The fact that Zayn Malik is no longer apart of One Direction
  • Mean Girls quotes
  • Tanning for prom
  • The art of twerking